Modern Security is a full service security company!

Residential Security

For Ontario home owners in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and surrounding areas we provide quality alarm systems that offer security, safety, and peace of mind. In addition to detecting intruders, security systems can also monitor for fire, smoke, and other hazards that may cause an emergency in your home. In case of an emergency, a panic button can alert medical or fire responders and alarms can tell you and your family of the danger so you can get out of harms way. pic For more information, please contact Modern Security Systems.

Commercial & Industrial Security

You spend a life time building your company. Whether you are a locally owned small business, or a fortune 500 company, it is your hard work! Modern Security is here to help you protect it. We can help you detect intruders, heat gain/loss, chemicals, fire and more! Contact us today and see how we can assist you!